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The Weimaraner, Germany’s sleek and swift ‘Gray Ghost,’ is beloved by hunters and pet owners alike for its friendliness, obedience, and beauty. They enjoy exercise, and plenty of it, along with lots of quality time with their humans.
A properly bred blue Weimaraner will be solid-colored, with maybe a small white spot on the chest. The face, with its amber or blue-gray eyes framed by long velvety ears, is amiable and intelligent. Overall, the breed presents a picture of streamlined grace and balance.

A well-conditioned Weimaraner on point is a breathtaking sight. Weimaraners for sale are excellent with kids and yearn to be full-fledged family members. Easy grooming, trainability, a loving nature, and a can-do-attitude make them excellent pets, as long as owners are committed to keeping them physically active and mentally engaged. Browse through our large directory of blue weimaraner, long haired weimaraner, blue weimaraner puppies, vizsla weimaraner, weimaraner mix, silver weimaraner, blue weimaraner puppies for sale, and our weimaraner pitbull mix

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Our breeders are vetted and screened in partnership with USDA and American Humane.


All our puppies recieve our industry-leading 10-year puppy health guarantee.


Our private travel network ensures your new pup arrives home healthy and safe.

Cheerful, loving, and affectionate, Weimaraner puppies are very good with small children. Be advised, that they will need lots of exercises and plenty of attention, and a firm, experienced handler. Once trained, this pet is so eager to get your approval that it literally jump at the chance to do so. However, be aware that the blue Weimaraners are highly sensitive and do not need harsh discipline at all.  In fact, you could psychologically damage this vulnerable puppy if you do so. Instead, provide firm, but calm and gentle guidance at all times, and your pet will respond with lifelong obedience and devotion.

The Weimaraner retains its strong hunting instinct, so you shouldn’t adopt a Weim if you’ve got small pets like hamsters, rabbits, or guinea pigs in the house. Even the most well-behaved Weimaraner puppies will not necessarily be able to overcome these inherent traits. Above all, don’t leave your pet alone for long periods of time. As a result of its devotion to you, it can experience extreme distress and separation anxiety if it feels abandoned. Weimaraners can be destructive and restless if they are left alone.

With a high level of intelligence and devotion, Weimaraners puppies have proven to be good watchdogs, guard dogs, service dogs, and search-and-rescue dogs from an early stage.

The Weimaraner (also known as the ‘Weimaraner Vorstehund’, ‘Weim’, ‘Silver Ghost’, or ‘Gray Ghost’) originated in Germany in the 1800’s. It was bred from Continental pointing breeds, Bloodhounds, and mastiffs in an intentional effort to produce a noble-looking, all-purpose gundog that could hunt prey of all sizes. The origins of the Weimaraner’s distinctive grey color are unknown, but it has been present for centuries.

The Weimaraner is named for the Grand Duke of Weimer, whose court sponsored it’s breeding. Ownership of the Weimaraner was carefully restricted for decades; only members of the upper-class German Weimaraner Club were allowed to own the breed. For this reason, most dogs were kept indoors and pampered, leading to a strong attachment to the family which continues to this day. A pair of Weimaraners was finally released to America in 1929, and the Weimaraner quickly became a popular hunter and show dog, achieving American Kennel Club recognition in 1943. Famous Weimaraners include Dwight D. Eisenhower’s dog Heidi, and Man Ray and Fay Ray, photographer William Wegman’s pets and photography subjects.

Male Weimaraners stand 25 to 27 inches at the shoulder and weigh 70 to 85 pounds. Females are between 23 and 25 inches tall and weigh 55 to 70 pounds.

Weimaraner can leave 11 to 13 years

The Weimaraner is loyal, playful, friendly, eager to work, intelligent, and energetic. It is sometimes called the ‘dog with a human brain’ because of its high problem-solving abilities. Weimaraners are rambunctious and driven, particularly when young, and require a firm and patient owner. They have a very high requirement for socialization and can be fairly described as ‘emotionally needy’. If unexercised or ignored, Weimaraners will attempt to chew everything in sight.

The short-haired Weimaraner has few grooming needs. Periodically use a rubber brush to remove dead hairs. The long-haired variety needs to be brushed and combed regularly. Its ears must be checked for cleanliness to prevent infection.

Relatively hardy, the Weimaraner has a life expectancy of about 10 to 14 years. The breed is prone to mast cell tumors, a particular type of malignant skin growth, which has an excellent prognosis for grades 1 or 2 which can be completely removed. Bloat is also a problem for this breed, which can be fatal very quickly if not diagnosed and taken care of immediately. Hip dysplasia can also occur for this relatively large breed.